Friday, September 24, 2010

Goldstream Village looks Great

The changes we’ve made to beautify Langford’s downtown core make the area much more pedestrian, cyclist and family friendly. The fountain with lights, music and water shows in the new roundabout at Bryn Maur Road works well with the palm trees, new plantings and flowers we’ve added. I also like the arch that welcomes you to Goldstream Village, and the flag feature as well. We wanted to make the area the kind of place where people can relax, take a stroll and check out the boutiques and shops, have a coffee in one of the many cafes, or a meal in a nice restaurant. We’re adding more benches and information kiosks highlighting our award-winning trails, lakes and other attractions. The feedback from our residents has been terrific, and I think we’ve achieved a long-term goal of Langford Council to create a vibrant, greener downtown in a way that works for everyone.